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Designed for individuals aspiring to start their own businesses. The workshop covers various sectors like ornamental fish farming, fruit drinks production, jam production, and more. The Self-Employment Training Division was started 22 years ago with the aim of producing local industrialists at the regional level. Under the Self-Employment Training Section, the initiative is given for the training in the fields like ornamental fish farming, anthurium, orchid and ornamental foliage plant cultivation for export and so far a large number of people have been trained under it and have traveled to the local and international markets. All necessary training material and market coordination for those projects will be done by SMIDF Marketing Promotion Division.

In addition to this, training producers capable of producing locally marketable food products such as fruit drink production, jam production, cordial production, exercise book production, mushroom cultivation, murukku and baits that can be marketed to local markets and also to train and refer to markets. It is done under this.

In addition to this, we also provide training on the preservation (dehydration) of surplus crops. It is also hoped to create food security by dehydrating and preserving vegetables and fruits, which are perishable and wasted, especially during the periods when the products are in abundance, and by using those food items during the periods when the products are low. Also, after starting the business activities, Capital Reach Investment, our subsidiary, will provide the necessary financial facilities and SMIDF will also provide the necessary knowledge and coordination regarding business registration, label printing, hygienic processing and sales.

Joining the workshop

The opportunity to join this training workshop can be availed through our regional representatives or by contacting our hotline number 0714158094 and contacting the Self Employed Training Section.

Who is this workshop for?

For people hoping to start their own businesses

Registration Fee   : Rs. 1,950.00
Duration  : 1 Day (Depending on Nature)
Course Fee  : Per persopn Rs. 3750 /= (Includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea)