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Who are these language courses for?

Conducted by the S.M.I.D.F Language Training Division, these courses are designed very simply to suit people who wish to study different languages ​​from scratch as well as school-going students.

Talking about the concept of universal village, people with the ability to handle different languages ​​have a special status in the current society and it is seen that people with the ability to handle different languages ​​have priority for more job opportunities in the rapidly developing society.

It is seen that most of the youths who suffer from unemployment do not have language literacy and knowledge about the use of information technology. Also, it has been seen that the language skills of the employed people are in a very weak state and people with the ability to handle different languages ​​are given job promotions, salary increments and special recognition at the workplace.These courses, which have been prepared so that people working in foreign higher education opportunities or public and private sectors can acquire the ability to handle different languages, are also facilitated to study through the distance education system.

Nature of the course

Anyone who wants to study a language can participate in these language courses and it is mandatory that they take the basic foundation course which is basically free. People who pass the course have the possibility to join the certificate course or the diploma course depending on the pass they get. In each of these language courses, training will be provided on all aspects of language education, including speaking, grammar, writing, reading, and listening.

Basic Foundation Course

No matter which language is studied in the basic foundation course, trainees should be given basic knowledge about that language. In this way, the trainees will be able to gain an understanding of that language and the peculiarities of that language. Also, in this foundation course, basic knowledge will be provided on how to prepare grammar, adjectives, frequently used words and sentence patterns that are common to every language. Students can be given the opportunity to enroll in the certificate course or diploma course based on their performance in the free basic course.

  • Registration Fee
  • : Rs. 1,950.00
  • Admission Fee
  • : no
  • Monthly Fee
  • : no

    During the training period, the necessary exercise books, pens and pencils will be provided by the language study unit. In addition, a certificate of completion of the basic foundation course will also be obtained.

    Certificate Course (Duration: 6 months)

    Duration : Months 06
    Registration Fee : Rs. 1,950.00
    Admission fee : Rs. 7,000.00
    Monthly Fee : Rs. 2,000.00
    Diploma Course (Duration: 1 year)

    Duration : 1 Year
    Registration Fee : Rs. 1,950.00
    Admission fee : Rs. 7,500.00
    Monthly Fee : Rs. 2,500.00

    Language courses we offer

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    English Language

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    Tamil Language

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    French Language

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    Korean Language

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    Russian Language

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    Japanese Language

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    Chinese Language

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    German Language