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In building a local business network and running businesses, the main obstacle to their progress is the difficulty in obtaining financial facilities. Rich Capital Investment & Asset Management has been established with the aim of strengthening the businesses that have been started with an initial investment by providing them with the financial facilities that are urgently needed on a daily basis for their business activities.Mainly, only those businessmen who have started business after receiving training in SMIDF Self-Employment Section and getting its membership are able to get the facilities here.

These instant loan facilities are available within a day on minimum documents and minimal guarantor contribution. Rs. 10000/= to Rs. 1000000/= our trainees have the ability to get necessary financial facilities atomically.Daily/weekly/monthly related loan amount payment facility is provided here according to your ability and the loan facility payment period is from 3 months to 5 years. The loan installment payment can also be done through the nearest bank branch or through the home debt collection officer.