• The Pioneer in Sri Lankan Vocational Education | Vision - A disciplined and proud nation full of skills that will win the world tomorrow | Mission - Paving the way for a strong nation equipped through thorough knowledge and training with strong personality and creative leadership qualities to face global challenges.

Small & Medium Industrial Development Foundation (SMIDF)

Small and Medium Industries Development Foundation (SMIDF) was started in the year 1998 as a very small institution. At the initial stage, self-employment workshops were conducted at the local level with the cooperation of the public and private sectors with the aim of raising the economic level of the unemployed rural people with low income and hoping to bring them forward as businessmen. Those self-employment workshops are creating local businessmen and I can mention the establishment of a professional training department as a special milestone.

Accordingly, the "Faculty of Vocational Nursing Education" established in the year 2000 is considered to be one of the oldest and largest nursing colleges operating in the country. Also, the employment of all students at the end of the 15-month nursing course without any course fees can be highlighted. Also, thousands of nurses born out of this nursing college, which is run with residential facilities for a large number of female students, are working in private sector hospitals all over the island.

These nursing students will have the opportunity to study 03 additional courses for a period of one year in addition to the nursing syllabus, with the knowledge of English language which is essential for joining the local or foreign nursing service and the ability to use computers as well as a course on Tamil language which is extremely important locally in getting a job today. .

In 2002, the SMIDF "Information Technology Unit" was established which made a significant change in the history of Sri Lankan IT. SMIDF Information Technology Unit started conducting computer courses by offering a free computer system to all trainees, which was never done by any vocational education institute in Sri Lanka, and the most unique feature of this is that all students were given a free multimedia computer system on the day the course started.

In the year 2005, SMIDF Teacher Training Unit was established and the aim of this unit was to produce teachers with the ability to teach the subjects of English, Tamil and Information Technology, which are essential and in great demand nowadays. Through this teacher training course, the SMIDF teacher training department has succeeded in bringing a group of teachers with exceptional ability who are capable of teaching at least 2 subjects from the above subjects to the Sri Lankan vocational education sector, and through them, they have also started affiliated centers to popularize SMIDF vocational training courses throughout the island. Here is another goal.

SMIDF, which was started in the year 2007, under the Language Studies Section, has provided opportunities to young people to study English, Tamil and other languages. Here, basic courses can be attended for free for a period of 03 months and only those who pass the basic courses will be admitted to the certificate and diploma courses. Through these courses, it is hoped to provide simple knowledge from the beginning about the handling of languages that are essential in local and foreign jobs.

The Small and Medium Scale Industries Development Foundation is an organization incorporated under Companies Act No. PV/5798 and registered for selected courses under Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission No. P12/0105.


Our Vision

A disciplined and proud nation full of skills that will win the world tomorrow.

Our Mission

Paving the way for a strong nation equipped through thorough knowledge and training with strong personality and creative leadership qualities to face global challenges.

Message from the Managing Director

The development of the society and the safety of the society are created through education. From that time until today, it is the world's acceptance that the development of any country where an educated people full of skills will lead to good discipline and safety in the society. The child who receives primary and secondary education under the shadow of parents and teachers gets university admissions after competitive exams. But only a very limited number of students pass G.C.E. O/L Exam, it can be understood from the huge amount of job opportunities available in private institutions that the youths who are getting higher education but not getting proper professional training, unemployment is increasing and those young people are not in a suitable situation for job opportunities.

It can be seen and understood from the daily increase in the number of young people seeking employment and the daily increase in the number of job vacancies that there has been a gap in the industrial services and manufacturing sector due to the lack of skilled workers to conquer the world of work. As the "creative forerunner of Sri Lankan Vocational Nursing Education", SMIDF hopes to produce a group of skilled professionals capable of filling the aforementioned gap.

In addition to this, our Self-Employment Training Division provides necessary training and other services to those who wish to start their own businesses in a situation where no systematic and targeted programs have been created to produce local industrialists who can contribute to the local economy, but prepare proper guidance and work arrangements for that purpose. Creating projects that fit the local and international network is another care that we have been doing for the last several decades.

Sihala FM web radio has been created for the people representing all these sectors as well as to promote the artistic abilities of rural youth full of aesthetic ability locally and internationally.

SMIDF invites all of you who love the country and the nation to join hands with us and raise our beloved motherland before the world with your development.

Chairman/Managing Director