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This intensive training workshop focuses on preparing individuals for roles such as Patient Care, Baby Care, Care Giver, Elder Care, Home Nurse, and Nurse Aid in health service institutions. The workshop includes theoretical and practical training, offering free accommodation and meals.

Basic Qualifications for Admission:

Height not less than 4 feet 10 inches

Education up to A/L (Pass not essential)

Female, aged between 24 and 50, in good health with no body deformities

Nature of training

This is a full-time 07-day fast training and during the training period, theoretical and practical training is provided on subjects that are essential in the jobs of Patient Care, Baby Care, Care Giver, Elder Care, Home Nurse, Nurse Aid and 07 days a week at 7.00 am. The training will be held from to 6.00 pm.

Nature of Employment

For long-term hospitalized patients and residential treatment, performing basic nursing duties under supervision.

Salary, Allowances, and Perks

Income ranges from Rs. 24000 to Rs. 55000 or above with benefits like accommodation, attendance allowances, overtime allowances, and 24-hour accident insurance.

Syllabus Covered

Various nursing duties including patient care, oral health, medical placement, administration of medication, and more.

Preparing beds for patients

Bathing while a patient is in bed

Oral health

Head filling, head washing

Checking fever, pulse, respiration, blood pressure

Steam distillation

Medical Placement

Preparation of a corpse

Administration of medication

Taking a patient to bed from a wheelchair

Transferring a patient from bed to wheelchair

Giving Vasti

Applying bandages

Inserting a urethral catheter

Feeding through a tube