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This workshop covers essential first aid knowledge applicable at home, on the road, at work, or in various sectors. Certification is beneficial for certain jobs and approvals in specific sectors.

Also, this training will be special for getting certain jobs. In addition to this, there are cases where it is necessary to have officers who have obtained certificates of first aid in the sectors of factories, offices, schools, private hospitals and medical laboratories, obtaining certain approvals and obtaining registration in certain government agencies and obtaining the standard certificate.

Also, it is seen that there is a special demand for people who have knowledge of first aid, especially in international level tourist hotels, tourist guides and organizations that transport tourists. Moreover, people with this knowledge will have more value in the behavior of their family and general society.

Nature of the workshop

This is a two-day workshop.

Subject matter covered

What is first aid?

Objectives of first aid

Qualifications that a first aider should have

Qualities that a first aider should possess

Equipment to have in a first aid kit

First aid situations

Bandage types

How to apply Bandages